Kevin Steffen: “Always create value”

Kevin Steffen har arbetat med SEO sedan 2003 och är grundaren till Strange Logic, ett globalt SEO/SEM företag som startades i USA för tio år sedan. Svenska marknaden öppnades för ca 2 år sedan tillsammans med Marlena Batist och har idag kunder som t.ex. Gant, Telenor och Hermods.

Hi Kevin, who are you professionally?
I got started with SEO in May 2003 working as a consultant for an IT company in the United States. Back then SEO was really wild west and a lot less complex.  Over the years I have been fortunate enough to create a team that works in organic search world-wide for customers on 5 continents, including some well known global brands.

What are the most important things to think about when it comes to SEO?
The most important thing is content quality & link profile of your website. Google’s latest algorithmic updates Panda and Penguin focuses on these 2 components heavily.

Create useful, relevant, interesting and topical content on your website that users want to read and share. Think about what users want to know, not what you want to tell them – and aim for a good user experience first. Then optimize the content for SEO.  Use keyword research to help you discover what users are interested in, and how they talk about their interest. Then build links for the targeted pages through variations of the targeted keywords in a way that should provide value to the readers. Links should be built through relevant & quality sites only.

What can you do on your site to improve your SEO results (on-page)?
As I said, content quality and user experience is most important when it comes to on-page. There should be no keywords stuffing, over optimization or duplicate content on the site. Content should be optimized with the right keyword usage and density with strong internal linking. All websites should be responsive and accessible to the mobile/tablet users as well. Meta data, images and navigation should be optimized taking into consideration the key-terms and phrases.

What could you do off-page to improve your SEO results?
Building strong backlinks from quality sites with the right anchor text diversity. Integrating social media practices into SEO can help improving search engine rankings as well. True SEO experts focus on quality and not quantity as quality is always algorithm proof.

What are your best suggestions to get relevant links to your site?
Approach sites/blogs in the relevant market or niche only. Develop high quality content with relevancy and linking back to your site. Think about how you can improve the quality of the site that you want to get links from as well (always create value) Also, be relevant while linking as the home page is no longer the automatic landing page for searchers. Different topics should be addressed on different pages and linked to accordingly. Build authorship around your content.  Create great content on your site and link to it from great content.

Is it anything you should be cautious about (DON`Ts) when it comes to SEO?
Do not spam. Do not link through link networks, paid sites, link exchanges, sites having duplicate or spammy content, advertorials, etc. If you ever want to have sponsored links to generate traffic, you should add ‘nofollow’ tag to the links, so that it does not pass link juice and violate Google’s guidelines.

Is social media important for SEO purposes, if yes, how should you think about it?
Social Media will continue to play an important role in brand communication strategies alongside the three core components of SEO: links, content and site architecture. It can dramatically affect how a site will rank in the Search Engine Results.

Integrating social media practices into your website content and creating a link building strategy will help your website attract more endorsements, traffic and better rank for high-volume and targeted keywords, and to have a positive impact on your search engine optimization and inbound marketing campaigns.

Finally, do you have any words of wisdom to the participants?
Create good content + Build strong backlinks + Optimize for SEO with the right keyword strategy from the beginning. This is the key for a successful SEO campaign


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